Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Post#8

This Is How We dream Parts 1 and 2
He has really great ideas about writing with multimedia. My favorite idea was in Part 2 where he explains how he and a coworker created a university at the automobile industry in which they work for. I agree that educators should be able to discuss ideas such as this freely over the internet. This can encourage teachers to learn how to  use new and various programs. It also allows them the access to millions of information and answers questions about certain in their fields. I think that it would be great to create our own alternatives to top websites such as blogs, and education systems that are available online.
With some more experience in due time, I think that I will be prepared to write with multimedia. I'm already using some of the basic programs such as YouTube and Microsoft Word as tools to write with multimedia. Having some type of background with this will only make it easier to learn how to use other programs that are for more advanced. With some training, and help from others whether it's in a classroom or a site from across the world, I will possibly be more than prepared to write with multimedia in a professional sense. EDM 310 is providing me with this information as a college student which shows that I don't need a degree to accomplish this task.
My students will be able to do this if they are first willing to be patient and second willing to learn something new. They may find that writing with multimedia will be interesting, fun, and very beneficial. As an educator, I will need some experience on how to write with multimedia if I want my students to learn about it. Although they have me I really want to realize that I am not their only source. I want to give them the freedom to learn how to do others things that I didn't cover with them in class and teach me things as well.

Carly Pugh
Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12 is very much like Dr. Millers's "This Is How We Dream" videos. They have hopes and examples of how to write with multimedia. I think that her idea to create a playlist that gives tips to teachers and inspirations on how to become their favorite educator is great. This opens the door to another endless possibility of how a teacher can use the sources that they have and make use of it to help others.
 Carly and Dr. Millers's vision to create and write with multimedia show that teachers are able to present and support ideas that they really want to put into action. This motivates me to become an educator that does make a positive difference in other's lives. Watching and reading blogs about future and present educators such as these two people just reinforces why I wanted to become a teacher in the first  place.

EDM-310 Videos
I would like to create a video about time management. I chose this topic because I have had problems with getting my work complete on time for may reasons that are irrelevant. There is no excuse to have my work in late or not all. EDM 310 is teaching me how to not procrastinate and use my time wisely. It is my responsibility to get my work in my the deadline. I am currently trying to catch up on my work and possibly never get behind although I know that things can come up which can delay my work.
In my video I would give examples of how not to be with time management and what would happen as the consequences. Hopefully, this video would inspire students to do better with managing their time with work, school, and their personal lives because it is so easy to fall behind. Watching the Chipper  Series really made me realize that I have had some issues with management. EDM 310 for dummies is a funny illustration of the frustrations that a student can encounter with EDM 310. It also provides the different sources that will help students overcome those frustrations and grow to like what it is that they're doing in this course. I would also like to include some of these ideas into my video as well..

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
It is surprising to know that education is number 55 on the level of IT Intensiveness by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce which is below coal mining. I can agree that in the past few years students have done more outside of school because they are not allowed to use them in school.  What I really wanted to see is students and their opinions of how to change their learning methods. I have been watching numerous of videos about the teachers opinions but what about the students? Don't they have a say so in this? This video does give information about the issues with education but I would have also like to hear it from a student's perspective.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0
Google Drive, which is also known as Google Docs a provides a social platform for teachers to collaborate. With Google Drive, I am able to share to my information with the whole class. My students have the ability to share their work with me. I can create documents, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, and presentations. This is very beneficial as a teacher because I can instantly see my student's progress if they were asked to write a short essay. I would like to use this in my class because it saves space and can be uploaded from any place. My students would have the opportunity to upload their work from home or even the library. I believe that more access to technology is better. Students will be able to become familiar with Google Docs and never have to worry about searching for the program in their desktop. Just one click, and their own their way to an enhanced way of learning.

Essence Music Festival 2011 on PhotoPeach

Can You Guess? on PhotoPeach


  1. Hey Shaniqua! I love your zebra and red theme :) I also like how you will incorporate multimedia into your teaching once you get in the classroom. I also love how we are learning a lot of different programs in our class so that we can use them in our classrooms. Carly and Dr. Miller's blogs motivated me too! I am so excited to get back in the classroom and start using all this "new" technology and apply it to my lessons.Your time management video sounds wonderful too! That is such a huge part of planning in the classroom when you are teaching. You have to take time to gather materials and prepare to teach it. Learn to Change video was interesting to me as well. You have a great point to hear from a student about what they think. I would love to hear from them too! The web tool was really neat how we could create so many different things! It is super easy and it would very beneficial in our classrooms as well! Great posts! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Shaniqua,

    Good post,

    I see that you understand what it means to write with multimedia. I myself have some thoughts on writing with multimedia, but everyone sees it in a different way.

    I have never heard of Photo Peach before, Thanks for sharing!

    Stephen Akins