Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Post#10

      After reviewing the cartoon, I wasn't sure about the meaning. Immediately after reading the guy with glasses statement that says, "I'm a papermate I cost less, but break all the time." I thought that maybe it had something to do with technology, but I still felt like it was questionable. To do some further research, I tried to read some of the comments that were posted below the picture to see if anyone else had the same issue that I had as well. They all introduced themselves and pretty much asked the same question, but there was no response. Next, I searched the EDM 310 Blog page and there was my answer. It had finally made more sense to me that they were both metaphors for something. Papermate was used as a metaphor for a PC, and Ticonderoga was a metaphor for a MAC. The cartoons resemble the two men who star in series of Apple ads. John Hodgeman stars as the PC and Justin Long as a MAC (Apple Series)
     After taking the course of EDM 310 and after the use of my friend's MAC laptop and iPad, I would agree that these devices are very expensive, but the quality is much better than a PC. I have only owned PC's and I have to constantly update keep them more than if I had a MAC. I personally would like to purchase one of my own, but the downfall is that I cannot afford it. The great thing about this problem is that there is a solution. Best Buy offers a six month pay period for Apple products that are over $150. I think that this is the best route for me, because I'm a student and I already work at the Faculty Club on campus and at Sonic-Drive In on the weekends, therefore I have a few extra dollars to spend. Making smaller payments would be the easiest for me. I'm currently looking into purchasing a new iPod because I already have an Android ASUS Tablet and its wonderful. I'm able to use it as a Tablet or transform it into a mini laptop. I also researched the monthly cost of having an iPhone with various cellular phone companies. They were really expensive when compared to my Andriod phone from NET10 which only costs my $55 per month with unlimited access so the iPod would be the best Apple device  that's convenient for me.

     Once I read Why are kids playing games? and other blog posts by Mr. Spencer, I have to agree with him because he makes some valid points about why he chooses not to use pencils in the classroom. Children honestly don't care about paper and pencils, most would rather be engaged in some type of social network. Lets face it, most students use technology. I don't understand why would a superintendent or principal want to limit their teachers and use the memorization method to meet standardized test scores. Students are not learning or engaged in their work. They're only doing what is necessary to get by. 
     When I was in high school, my school stressed the issue of test scores to the point where we even had pep rallies for it which I thought was insane. Students would be threatened to not graduate from high school if they didn't pass and 15% of my classmates had this issue. They were constantly taking these tests over and over and still, they failed. I think this is because no one ever took the time to see what problem the students had with the test. There was a misunderstanding and they were not being heard. Students were told to try again. I was one of the luckier students who passed them the first time, but once it was over, I didn't remember any of the information. Even today while I'm currently in college, the same lessons we reviewed in high school are forgotten. I think that having an engaged student while also learning is something that every teacher, principal, or superintendent should strive for. We are trained to evolve with our environment, why not try to evolve with our students?

     Don't teach your kids this stuff. was interesting to say the least. Mr. McLeod is not being negative in this poem. In my opinion, he is honest. While he is able to teach his students and keep them updated with the latest technology, others will be left to eat his dust. This means that his students will have more experience than those without it. They will be able to compete for certain jobs and careers. Students with more technological experience like myself, with the help of Dr. Strange, will know how to make learning a great experience. I love to learn and I want to at least give my students the same opportunity.
     If students are not taught how to take their technology devices to the next level, then they are left only with the ability to complete simple day to day tasks. They will only know about Facebook and Twitter but not know how to take that social network and make it into a place where they meet other educators and get advice or new and creative ideas. They won't have a clue of what great use Skype could be. The tools are all here, but without experience and assistance the process will be more difficult a decade from now.

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  1. I was very unsure of what the cartoon was trying to say, too. Yes, I totally agree that having prep rallies about test scores is crazy. The schools are so into test scores that they forget about students. The schools only teach to the test, which is unfair for everyone. I thought that it was very interesting that McLeod has the only school for adminastors to learn more about technology. I enjoyed reading your post. Than you