Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Final Project Progress

Our final project is the iBook. I'm in group five with Lacie, Lindsay, and Brittany. I must say that I am happy with my group thus far. We have completed numerous projects prior to this one so we are very comfortable with making communication and figuring out what works best for us. So far, we have created a title to our iBook. At first, we really didn't have a clue of how to copy and paste our own picture onto the book, but thanks to our helpful lab assistants, we were able to complete the task. Our topic is What to Expect When Taking EDm 310, which is similar to the what to expect when expecting a pregnancy book. We decided that we would each have a section of our own to dedicate information about ourselves in chapter one. Then, in chapter two, we will include all of our group projects and videos. Since our information is saved to the assigned MAC in the computer lab, we will each come to the lab and fill in our information for the project. There is only one problem. Due to the past incident, I would recommend that each person in the group save their information onto a removable disk/jump drive because our safe files are not really being kept safe. On Monday, my group and I discovered that our work was deleted from the computer. Luckily, Lindsay had already save her information onto her own jump drive for back up. Another issue about making the iBook is that none of the online work can be embedded into the iBook. In order to add it, I have to save everything onto my jump drive. There is also another issue that we encountered. The MAC that we used would not accept Lindsay's jump drive so we had to move onto another computer which is for the next group. Without a jump drive I have to search for the saved information. These documents could be in any one of the MAC computers in the lab or even worse, on our laptops at home. On Thursday morning, my group and I will meet to complete the rest our final project. I hope that we will be able to complete everything that day. I know that the iBook is new to our instructor and students, but I hope that it gets better.

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