Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Post#12

About Me (Revised)
     I decided to make my Blog Post assignment a revision of Blog Post#1 About Me. In this assignment, I will give some brief information about myself while incorparting my college major. This could be done by using pictures, timelines, Google Presentations, and multimedia such as YouTube. I want this assignment to be educational, fun, and creative.

My name is Shaniqua Washington and I am twenty-one years old. I'm from Moss Point Mississippi. Look! There's my house!  This is where I grew up. I lived with my mother, father, and my big brother and sister. Growing up in Moss Point was great. We traveled every Summer. This is where I began to love the outdoors. My most favorite place is the beach since we live along the Gulf Coast. Everyone goes there whether its for the July 4th Firework Show, to exercise, or just come there to relaxe and soak up the sun.
Left:Chance, Right:Tramond Jr.
      I also like to take walks around the park and watch people feed the ducks at the pond at IG Levi Park. Sometimes, I will take my two nephews out there to feed the ducks and play at the playground. I love to spend time with
them. They're really funny and energetic.
Here's another look into  my life through a Google Presentation.
I recently took a trip to Houston, Texas. My uncle Kevin, which my mother's brother, had a wedding there. I was so excited to see my family because we all hadn't been together like this in years. So my mother, sister, and her boyfriend and I traveled eight hours to Houston. On the way there, it rained a lot and that worried my mom. Thankfully, she had help driving there. Once we arrived, to the LaQuinta Inn, most of my family was there. This really felt like a family reunion. Many of them had traveled from Oklahoma, some other parts of Texas, but mostly from Louisiana because that's where my mother's side of the family is from.
My mother is from Patterson, Louisiana and so is my brother and dad's father "Paw Paw" and his family are all from this same place. As a Social Science Education major, Louisiana is one of those places that sparks my interest because there is so much History there. I really wanted to know about my family's History and culture so I began by simply asking my mother questions about our family. One question was, "What are we?" Up until asking this question, I knew that I was African American but I honestly thought that was too broad. Due to the complexion of my skin, I know that I am not just African American. My mother told me that we are Creole and I really didn't know what that meant, but after talking to Mamo (Grandmother), this meant that we possibly have French, Spanish, African, and even some Native American in our family. I could believe that because of how my great-grandparents looked. The funny thing about being Creole is that your skin tone can range someone white with blonde haired blue eyes, all the way to someone with dark skin. In my opinion, I think that its mostly the culture which makes us Creole or Cajun people.  

 It is the celebration of Mardi Gras in which we faithfully attend every year whether we are in Louisiana or in Mobile, Alabama. I love the Zydeco music which is creole music where people dance at a fast pace. 
The craw-fish boils are also significant because it brings everyone together to eat, talk, dance, and have a great time together. Most of all I love their language and how they keep certain traditions alive. Whenever I'm with my Louisiana family, I always feel like I'm a home. As they say in French, "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez" which means "Let the good times roll!"


  1. Shaniqua, I really liked your idea for a blog post lesson. In addition, I would argue that the way you chose to lay out your example of the blog assignment was really well thought out and nicely executed. I learned some really cool stuff about you through this blog and I believe students would enjoy learning about their classmates as well. I also think that adding all the pictures and videos added flair to the project. Well done.
    Keith Tardibuono

  2. So you're suggesting to have TWO 'About Me' assignments in EDM310?

  3. No, I'm suggesting that our first blog post should be more creative. It should include more than just a standard picture and that's what most people do.