Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project#13 Collaboration

     My group and I had decided to use Google+ and chat. We hadn't decided on a certain date and time, so when I was asked that day, I already had very important tasks to complete in my other class. I wasn't able to be included in the video during that time because I had class that night followed by an online quiz that had to be completed before midnight. I really like EDM 310, but if your not careful one of the downfalls to this class is that you can possibly spend less time on another class. Although I wasn't able to participate in the online collaboration my group told me all about it.
     They collaborated using SMS Messaging, e-mail, and Google Docs. I was able to receive the pictures through Google Docs. This video showed me that there is another option for being in a group when one is really busy and may not have the time to meet in person. I'm glad that Dr. Strange assigned this project because it was an eyeopener. I now know that I can meet up with my group, talk to my teachers or family and friends without stepping out of the door. I have Skype, but I don't really use it that much. Now, I think that I really wanna explore Google+ and Skype and gain more experience with those programs.

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