Monday, July 2, 2012


I enjoyed reading Michael Fawcett's blog called Many Varieties. Even though most of his posts were short, there was still some substance. The first blog that I read was called Tears. One of his year five students spent a day off for Arbor Day and returned for lunch time. Mr. Fawcett wasn't available to talk to him so he decided to contact his student over Twitter. As he was asking his student about his day planting, and the student told him that he'll make a doc of it. This deeply moved Mr. Fawcett because this students was nine years old. I'm gussing that he must have felt like he had finally accomplished something. Even if it was only one student, he had made a change in how to communicate with his students and receive information or documents. I'm amazed that at nine years old, he knows how to make a doc. Most people who are my age don't even know how much about it.

Twitter Message

The next blog that I read was about a new GMail app from Google. The is only available for an iPhone, but it seems to be really cool. Users are now able to share drawings, doodles, and hand drawn maps to others. The app allows the user to use brushes, sizes, and colors. Google is constantly growing. At first I was a bit skeptical of using Google as a default for everything. Now, my mind has changed. Its very beneficial to me because I have access to the world in many forms like Google Drive/Docs, Google Maps, and Google Scholar. I just hope that they keep making the use of technology interesting, convenient, and fun.

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  1. What is the name of the new app from Google?

    Do you know much about Mr. Fawcett such as where his school is located, etc?

    Good summary.