Saturday, July 14, 2012

C4T Summary#4

Dorothy Burt: Embedding a 1:1 Programme is about how her Maniaiakalani school offers netbooks to students at a younger age. She takes a moment to stop and reflect on the progress halfway through the year. But there are some underlying issues. For one, it is becoming more difficult to write a blank report about their progress at the school. Her school has year 1 students who are using the netbooks, but the question about what to do with their year 2 students is still up in the air. To top that off, they even year year 9 students who are currently in their third year. Her school really needs help with finding a solution to help their students by 2013. By 2013 they will also have new teachers and students. Most of those new teachers will be in year 1 with the netbooks.
After reading her post, I though it would be nice to give her some encouragement. I don't really know that answers to these questions, but I understand the cards that she and her school has been dealt. I was amazed to see that her school allowed their students the use of netbooks at such a young age. In opinion, the younger the better. They are more acceptable to change versus an older crowd who is used to learning in the traditional manner.

The Second that I read had this video featuring Joshua Iosefo in year 13 at Mt. Roskill Grammar. In this poem he portrays Pasifika and Moari in Brown Brothers. The video was amazing and I enjoyed listening about the passion, and struggles of his people from a teen's perspective. You have to watch this video!!

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